Glowing Wood Sculptures by Billy Hall

How To Order!


Once you've picked out the design of the lamp you want, you can place an order by calling me at 1-919-688-2325. I will be glad to talk to you and answer all of your questions about the lamps.

Since each lamp is made individually and the woods used in each lamp vary, each lamp will be unique. I will be able to tell you when you place your order which woods are available to make your lamp. You will be able to chose what size lamp you want at that time, also. The price of your lamp will be determined by the size lamp you want and the woods used to make it.

Packaging & Shipping:
Lamps are wrapped securely and packed in double boxes: the shade is placed in one box that is then contained within a second box that also contains the base. Smaller nightlights are packed in one box. Lamps can be shipped by UPS, FedEx or US Postal Service, but usually by UPS ground shipment. The shipping cost depends on the weight of the boxes and the distance from Durham, NC, plus the cost of insuring the package.

Payment Methods:
You can pay by Visa, Master Card, Debit Card or by Check. Checks must be received and processed before lamps will be shipped.